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Letters: Expose Trump | Israel’s goals

East Bay Times Letters to the Editor for Nov. 16, 2023


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Expose Trump, don’t
denigrate Democrats

Re: “World’s stage comes to San Francisco” (Page A1, Nov. 12).

Sunday’s front page had four photographs which included our president, our governor, our vice president, and San Francisco’s mayor. Under each photo were demeaning captions such as how 52% of Californians disapprove of Biden’s performance, Newsom’s sliding in the polls, and how Harris is struggling with “dismal polling.”

Who cares about polling right now? There is a solid year to get that information. Not one nice word about all of the accomplishments that Biden-Harris has achieved, and there are plenty.

Your front page should be calling out Donald Trump’s lies and what danger he is to our country, every single day.

Marlene Lerner-Bigley

Let’s be honest about
Israel’s goals in war

Re: “Killing Palestinian children cannot be justified” (Page A7, Nov. 10).

I read Dr Khelfa’s moving description of the effect of the Israel-Hamas war on Gazan children. The account consisted of 18 paragraphs and 905 words. Not one of those words was “Hamas;” nor did any paragraph mention the atrocity of Oct. 7 when Hamas massacred 1,200 Israelis and kidnapped over 200. The reader might have gotten the impression that Israeli military activity in Gaza was some random brutality inflicted for no particular reason.

Israel has been honest enough to admit that the death toll for Oct. 7 was 1,200 rather than the 1,400 originally reported and that it has not been possible to confirm reports of the beheading of babies. Likewise, Palestinians should admit that, while there may be strong objections to Israel’s strategy and tactics, the goal of the military actions — to ensure that Hamas can never have the ability to carry out another massacre — is legally and morally justifiable.

Merlin Dorfman